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Science 3 for Young Catholics 2015

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If you and your children are looking for an interesting yet useful hands-on way to learn science, this book is for your family. Science 3 for Young Catholics was written by a home-schooling mother who was a third grade teacher in a Catholic school.

Written for one semester, it contains eight chapters on a variety of topics: Machines, Matter, Food Chain, Habitats, Soil, Cycles in Nature, the Water Cycle, & Energy. The information is conveyed in story form by Catholic home schooling parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, with their children responding. In this book, the parents present situations or activities to teach a lesson. The children learn by helping their parents around the house or in the yard or garden. Delightful fun illustrations are by the prominent artist Ben Hatke.

End of chapter reviews contain Thinking Skills, Discussion questions, a Vocabulary list, and Science Activities. The second semester book, Health 3 for Young Catholics, is a companion book. Both of these should be a “big hit” in your house! Answer Key included in the back of the book. Copyright 2015. Approximate dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft cover. 122 pp.