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Religion 8 for Young Catholic – Witness to the Faith 2nd ed. Hardcover


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Witness to the Faith: Church History for Young Catholics –  Hardcover.

This re-written and re-formatted textbook is an account of the glorious history of the Catholic Church. In this engaging history, students will learn:

  • How Christ founded the Church and sent the Apostles to spread the Faith.
  • How the Catholic Church faced the threat of the Muslim invasion of Europe, the Protestant Revolt, and the wars of Religion.
  • Why the Church emerged stronger after every attack against it.

The text, which reads like an exciting adventure story, uses hundreds of pictures, graphs, and maps to explain the historical period from the establishment of the Catholic Church by Christ to the pontificate of Pope Francis. Copyright 2020. Hardcover. Full Color. 8 x 10 inches. Separate answer key included. 602 pp.

Witness to the Faith is the primary text for Seton’s Grade 8 Religion course.