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I Can Find Numbers and Shapes

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This colorful workbook introduces the preschool child to numbers, shapes, and patterns through a coloring-book format and multi-sensory learning activities. Hands-on activities include Active Learning Games, making decorated number cards, searching in the full-color Image Bank for pictures with the right number of objects, and sorting number/shape tiles to practice numbers, shapes, and patterns. These multisensory activities spark interest and improve retention by engaging as many senses as possible in an active, hands-on fashion. 

Workbook includes number/shape tiles with numbers on the front and colored shapes on the back. Besides giving practice recognizing numbers in different fonts and sizes, the tiles also serve as manipulatives in review activities such as sorting numbers and shapes, sorting small and large, and exploring patterns.

78 pgs. Full color. Numbers 1-10. Softcover. 8½”x11″

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