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Health 3 for Young Catholics

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Health 3 For Young Catholics presents health tips by the members of the Catholic Martin family. Mom and Dad, along with the children, discuss various topics about safety and health as the various adventures or incidents of the children arise. Topics include important tips about good grooming, manners, posture, care for teeth and eyes, nutrition, safety in the home, and first aid. Delightful color illustrations by the renowned artist Ben Hatke. End of chapter reviews contain discussion questions, and suggested activities will conclude each chapter. Answer Key included in the back of the book. Copyright 2014. Approximate dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft cover. 148 pp.

Health 3 for Young Catholics is meant to be the second semester book for a full year Third Grade Science course. The first semester book, Science 3 for Young Catholics, is also available through Seton Educational Media.