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Geography Skills 4 for Young Catholics: The World Around Us

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Give your fourth graders a fun way to practice map-reading skills with the exciting activity book made just for them.

Geography Skills 4 for Young Catholics includes:

  • 90 pages of engaging, developmentally appropriate geography lessons
  • Simple explanations of geography concepts to introduce students to the world
  • Fun activities that give students essential map reading practice to build key skills
  • Colorful maps including road, landform and political maps
  • Critical-thinking questions that ask students to draw conclusions from each map

This workbook covers many basic map skills concepts and includes Latitude, Longitude, Hemispheres, Physical Maps, and Political Maps among other things. Next it goes through the Eastern United States by region and goes into more details on each individual state. Answer key included. Catholic. Full color. 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft cover. 90 pp.