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Passport to the World for Young Catholics

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Engaging, informative, and fun, this book introduces your Second-Grade student to some basic concepts of Geography and Social Studies, as you embark together on a virtual journey through the world. Your child will learn about many different people, who may live far away from us but are still our brothers and sisters in Christ.

This workbook includes chapters on various countries from all of the different continents that make up our world. Each chapter talks about geographic features and natural resources of the country, as well as animals, food, and of course how the Catholic Faith has shaped the people of each country.

So pack your bags and grab your passports! It’s time to explore this wonderful planet that God has given us, with all its beautiful features. We hope you enjoy the journey! 2023 Copyright. 8.5 x 11 inches. Includes full color maps and illustrations throughout the book. Soft cover. 244 pages.