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Science 7 for Young Catholics **

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Science 7 for Young Catholics¬†– Seton’s new edition of Science 7 includes the usual physical science topics but is told in a more conversational and personal tone by Dr. Kenneth Stein.

Your student will never forget the story of the author?s encounter with the Egyptian snake expert! The text gives the story of the papyrus plant in Egypt and that it provided sandals and sails as well as paper and roots for food. The author explains not only the scientific method but also what it takes to be a scientist. The book includes chapters on geology, chemistry, electricity, space flight, and concludes with a chapter on the five senses. Includes recent photos and numerous science activities and projects. Full color. Separate answer Key is included. 2014, 2019 copyright. 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft Cover. 268 pp.

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