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Biology for Life


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In this new Biology textbook from Seton Press, high school students explore the intricate wonders of God’s creation in the world of living things. This pro-life textbook concentrates on human biology, with the first part of the book centering on the human body, starting with conception and fetal development in the womb. It progresses through cells and cell structure, and then continues with detailed analysis of the various systems of the human body, as well as genetics.

The second part of the book covers general biology including biological classification, systems of plants and animals, and non-human organisms from single-celled organism through complex multi-celled organism like fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Authored by several Catholic doctors and other health professionals, Biology for Life has been used successfully as an online only digital text for several years. It has been revised and edited by Dr. Kenneth Stein, Ph.D. Full color illustrations and diagrams throughout help to make concepts vivid and concrete.