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Canada: The Land, History & Stories- Gr. 5 **

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This book is organized into four integrated, multi-day lessons that can be adopted in many ways to suit the variety of needs and interests in the classroom. The length of the lesson and style is dependent on its content.

For example, Lesson 2: Race Through the Regions has many more activities included because of the differentiation technique where students are able to select tasks that best demonstrate their learning.

Lesson 3: A Walk in the Park is shorter, as it has predetermined tasks that are directed at different reading levels.

Curriculum Expectations:

  • 5.1: Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the physical geography and natural resources of Canada affect the quality of life of all Canadians.
  • 5.2: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the people and the stories of Canada and their ways of life over time, and appreciate the diversity of Canada’s heritage.
  • 5.3: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the events and factors that have changed the ways of life in Canada over time and appreciate the impact of these changes on citizenship and identity