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Our Canadian Governments- Grades 5-8**


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Here is everything you need to teach your students about Canada’s governments. Introduce the unit with a fable that provides insight into the need for good and fair government, and progress through a comprehensive study of government in Canada. Twenty-two lesson plans and more than 75 reproducible worksheets and information pages may be used in any order to suite the unique needs of your classroom. Topics include: Federal, provincial and territorial governments, How the three levels of government function and interact, The electoral process, How a bill becomes a law, Constitution and charter of rights and freedoms, Immigration and becoming a Canadian citizen 152 Pages This book supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the curriculums for these provinces: Alberta, Grade 6, Social Studies, Democracy, Action & Participation; British Columbia, Grade 5, Social Studies, Governance, C2 Describe Levels, Responsibilities and the Election of Government in Canada, Grade 6, Social Studies, Governance; Ontario, Grade 5, Canada & World Connections, Aspects of Citizenship & Government in Canada; Saskatchewan, Grade 7, Social Studies, Power & Authority.


Grades 5-8