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Devotional Stories for Little Folks

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Help!: How do I protect my child against popular occult games, stories, cartoons and card games?

  • My children think that it’s Mom’s job to do all the housework; how can I motivate them to help me without complaint and fighting?
  • I wish my children were better about sharing; how can I teach them to be more generous?
  • My children are feeling peer pressure to have the latest in designer label clothing and toys; what can I do to counter this materialistic influence?
  • What do I do with a child who is reluctant to go to confession?
  • My daughter is usually a good kid, but she can be so sneaky at times; help!
  • How do I explain or teach any of these lessons without having my children’s eyes glaze over? Answer: Teach your children with stories that they will love! All of these topics and more are addressed in Devotional Stories for Little Folks. This little book will say what you want to say, in a way that children will absorb. Your children will be entertained, but at the same time learn eternal truths.

Have you been wanting more little stories for your child to read now that he has completed Little Stories for Little Folks?

Much more than entertaining reading! Are you searching for ways to reinforce character-building lessons? Looking for opportunities to guide your children toward knowledge, love, and service of God? We know that what we present to our children to read does matter, and that it isn’t always easy to be in this world but not “of it.” These devotional stories may be used for daily devotions, as gentle examples for moral training, or for primary reading practice and enjoyment.

Features include:

  • Topical index to easily locate specific subjects
  • Relevant quotations from Scripture and the Catechism in each passage
  • New vocabulary and comprehension questions follow each tale
  • Thirty-six stories in all!
  • Answer key included

Use these stories daily or weekly; in order or in response to a certain character-building trait that might need reinforcement. What if you’d like to present a lesson about the importance of following directions? Look in the topical index under “directions” to locate “Yellowstone Bread,” a story about just such a lesson.

Much more than entertaining reading, Devotional Stories will inspire your child to LIVE the Faith!

Comprehension questions are designed to encourage thought and spark discussion. Softcover. 200 pgs. 5½”x8½”

Check out the prequel and sequel which are chock-full of even more funny, heart-tugging, ‘real-life’ stories related to living the Faith within the family!

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Second Grade.