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Vocabulary 6 for Young Catholics

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Vocabulary 6 for Young Catholics. Each lesson in the Vocabulary 6 for Young Catholics text begins with a reading selection which is designed to be fun and entertaining in order to motivate students to want to learn new vocabulary words or different meanings of words. Each reading section contains 15 new vocabulary words. Students are more apt to learn vocabulary words when they observe them used in sentences and within the context of an interesting story. There are several types of exercises incorporated in the lessons to help student retain these new words. These methods include repetition and memorizing words and their meanings, looking up words in a dictionary, identifying words in a list, comparing similar words and contrasting opposite words in sentences, identifying words in a crossword puzzle, and an optional exercise using the thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms. Students will also discover that the meaning of a particular word may change when it is used as a different part of speech (noun, adjective, etc). One of the goals of this new Seton text is to have students use these new vocabulary words in their speech and in their writing exercises, which will help enhance their assignments in other courses. Colorful illustrations throughout. Copyright 2014-2020. 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft cover. 107 pp.