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CHC Lesson Plans: 8th Grade


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CHC lesson plans provide an organized and flexible framework for learning academics and developing specific skills. The lesson plans are designed around key features: solid and engaging academics, flexibility, ease of use for the busy mom, and practical incorporation of the Faith with daily life.

These 5-day lesson plans are laid out day-by-day, and weekly goals are also included for those who prefer a simpler guide. The weekly goals form a scope and sequence that build from skill to skill, year to year, providing a solid foundation for the student as he prepares for high school.

The daily schedule within this lesson plan is written directly to the student. Although parental involvement is still important, the student is encouraged to complete most of his schoolwork independently.

  • Catholic Apologetics: “From the Catholic Perspective”

    Now includes a Catholic apologetics supplement which draws from Church documents, solid Catholic articles, and Mary Daly’s Creator and Creation to guide the student through modern fallacies found in Conceptual Physical Science. By the end of the year, the student will know how to “spot” the most common biases in physical science books (for instance, overpopulation, Galileo, evolutionism) and will be able to respond to them from a Catholic perspective. Perfect preparation for upper-level science courses!
  • Hands-on Religion: “Faith in Action”

As the capstone of his elementary-level study of religion, the student will complete a year-long series of volunteer projects. The “Faith in Action” student handbook, included in the lesson plans, provides scheduling suggestions, a variety of ideas for volunteer service projects (many of which the student can complete at home without parental assistance), and step-by-step charts to assist the student in scheduling and planning his projects.

  • High School Discernment: “Stepping Up to High School”

Also included is a ten-step guide to assist the student and parent in completing a plan for the high school years. Designed to work hand-in-hand with High School of Your Dreams, “Stepping Up to High School” may also be used independently, and is a valuable guide no matter what plans the parent and student have for high school.

2014 edition. 36 weeks. 210 pgs. Loose-leaf drilled, shrink-wrapped.