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The King’s Thane

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Set in Northumbria at the time of St. Paulinus (mid-7th century) and the conversion of King Edwin, this story retells the tale of Beowulf. Bjarki, a Viking descendant of the legendary “Beowulf” comes to King Edwin’s court from Geatland to rid the King’s halls of the Grendel. He takes Beorn, a lame boy, to be his thane, and Beorn’s life is forever changed. Beorn eventually accepts Christianity, as does his King, and becomes a monk. As a monk, in his old age, he writes the story of the original “Beowulf” as he promised Bjarki he would. In this way Brady accounts for the long-held scholarly opinion that Beowulf was written by an English monk . . . and tells a great story doing so.

This story ably blends the quest of Bjarki with the quest to convert England to Christianity undertaken so courageously by the missionaries. A great addition to a Catholic reading library!

Recommended for Grade 6 and up.

(Listed in the Mother of Divine Grace syllabus for 8th grade)

Cover art by Sean Fitzpatrick
Cover design by Ted Schleunderfritz